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FUJIFILM X-T4 comes with a USB-C power adapter and USB-C cable that let’s you charge the battery using the camera body itself. However to charge your camera you’re going to have to:

  • plug it in close to an outlet (as the cable is very short)
  • run an extension cord and plug it in to charge on your desk

The risk with this is that you have the potential or knocking the camera off, tripping on the extension cord or having your child or pet get curious about it. Also another potential risk is that you a pull or tug on the camera could break the USB-C port.

Watch my YouTube video about this Dual Battery Charger

After a close call with my camera the other day where it survived but my XF 10-24mm F4 lens took a bad fall, I decided not to take such risk any futher. I ordered myself a FUJIFILM Dual Battery Charger BC-W235 which will allow me to charge both of my batteries without using the X-T4 for charging.

Dual Battery Charger BC-W235

FUJIFILM Dual Battery Charger BC-W235

This charger comes as it is. You only get the charger, there is no power adapter included in the box when you purchase it. The way it works is that you have to use the Dual Battery Charger together with the USB-C Adapter and cable that ships with your X-T4.

Combined together now it will be able to charge two NP-W235 batteries in parallel/simultaneously. You also recieve an nice readout when charging the batteries that shows you the percentage of charge achieved in each of your batteries. The percentage increments by 5.

Dual Battery Charger plus the USB-C Power adapter of X-T4

This is perfect for me as I have two NP-W235 batteries that I have for my X-T4. So now I can charge them both simultaneously. I also label my batteries in order to ensure I get equal use out of them which I explained in this video. The charger can also be used for your GFX100S / GFX50S II.

The Dual Battery Charger is powered via a USB-C port which means that you can use other external power, from computer, power bank, car charger etc to charge your batteries when a power outlet is not available. Depending upon the charge and current available the batteries may charge quickly or charge over a longer period of time.

It is designed to support input of 5V @ 3Amps (15Watt), 9V @ 3Amps, 15V @ 2Amps or 20V @ 1.5 Amp. The X-T4 charger provides 5V @ 3Amps output for this charger.


Having this charger will eliminate the need to charge your batteries in the X-T4 body itself, therefore freeing you up to store and place it in a safer location where it would not be accidentally pulled off and fall to the ground. As well as charging multiple batteries at one time which would not be possible with standalone X-T4 body.

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