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Create your Own Sailor Strap by Nic Watson

Guest blogger Nic Watson shows us how you can easily and quickly make your own strap at home. I wanted to buy a Sailor Strap online from America but couldn’t justify paying US $60-$70 to have it shipped over to Australia from the US. So I went to BCF (or Walmart for our US friends) and bought some boating rope and used some I already had to make my own camera strap and hand straps. All you need are the following items: Rope for your strap (personal preference how long) (8mm diameter at least) Thin Rope for strapping Super glue Sewing kit Scissors 1. Cut...

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7 Tips to Take Your Landscape Photography to the Next Level

Guest blogger Marc Andre, looks at 7 things you can do to improve the results of your own landscape photography. Landscapes are a favorite subject for many photographers, but like other types of nature photography it can be quite challenging. You don’t have control over elements like the weather, you can’t move things like mountains and trees to create the perfect composition, and you may need to travel a bit to reach your destination. But these challenges can make landscape photography all the more rewarding when things fall together. 1. Prioritize Planning Being at the right place at the right...

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