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While there are many expensive options available out there for Gear Cases most are targetted towards pro photographers but what about us enthusiasts and hobbists? We also want our gear to be safe and protected. The most common brand for gear cases is Pelican and they have a huge range of products, I found an inexpensive and cheap case which is great value for money. It is a case by Craftright which is available from Bunnings (local hardware chain in Australia) and can be picked up for only $59.

I actually didn’t know about it myself, but read about it in a Facebook Group on a post from a friend Greg Cromie. Greg is a great blogger and you can find some of his great reviews on his blog

The case is made by a company called Craftright called Safe Case. It is available in two sizes: the one I got costs $59 while a larger version is available at $79. So when I got mine I decided it would be a great opportunity to document my setup and share it with others who may be interested. Hence the video above that you can watch to see how to setup and use this case.

It is a hard body, tough case that is airtight and water resistant. It comes with pre-cut foam that you can segment and remove to make room for your expensive camera gear. You can store your lens, camera bodies, drones and other accessories.

There is also a valve at the front, in case air pressure changes make it harder to open the case.

The case is strong and secure, I have drop tested it already not on this video but after filming it I dropped the case full with one camera and 3 lenses. The solid foam padding ensures a snug and firm fit which secures you camera gear in place.

Its great way to pack and travel with your gear in a secure and safe manner.  And the value for money is incredible for what you get. It is quite obviously an inexpensive gear case that you can afford to buy without breaking the bank.

 Several people on the original post in the Facebook group benefited from this and bought one or two cases to suit their needs. Greg bought two cases to organise and setup his gear. For now, I only needed one but I know where to go if I need another one.

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