Author: Harmeet Gabha

Balconies of Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city of Catalonia (which is a separate community) within Spain. Although recently the people of Catalonia voted to split from Spain. In 2015, I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful city twice, literally within 2 months of each other. But when you are surrounded by architectural beauty and magnificence it can be overwhelming. You hear about writers, referring to something called writer’s block but I don’t think the concept is limited to writers only. It can happen to photographers and creative people as well as a creative block. So how do you get your...

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Luminar 2018 – Stronger And Faster Than Ever

Macphun software has done it again!! A few months ago they announced a Free public beta release of their Luminar software on Windows with a view to releasing the final build in 2018. But they have announced that their 2018 version of Luminar is now available before Christmas. Infact from 1st November, you can pre-order their newest version for Mac or Windows for US$ 59 for New Users and US$ 49 for existing users. Top Features These are some of my favourite top features that I can see being beneficial to all users: Brand new Filters: Sun Rays, Dodge...

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Grunge HDR Presets for Lightroom

Grunge HDR Presets for Lightroom Another couple of presets in my collection that have a grungy theme to them. In Lightroom Classic CC, these presets pull out all the details and then go dark with a hint of colour toning to give your image a gritty and grungy look. I have created two version of these presets Mild Grunge HDR Look and Dark Grunge HDR Look which you can download for free below. Download Download the Grunge HDR Presets below and also check out my Premium Lightroom Preset Bundle below. Subscribe To Download PresetsI will email you the link to...

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Adobe Has [email protected]$!ed Up Big Time!!

Last week Adobe released a new update to Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile. But what they managed to achieve, was completely confuse the fuck out of people by renaming their products. Lightroom CC is now called Lightroom Classic CC. And it’s original name Lightroom CC has been given to Lightroom Mobile which was updated for the mobile and released on the desktop as a standalone app. Lightroom CC They also claim that Lightroom CC is the way forward which offers you much more flexibility, mobility and backup. Amongst many other features, one of the main is that all your photos are hosted...

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Best HDR Software for Fujifilm X-Series Cameras

I’m loving using the latest release of HDR software by Macphun called Aurora HDR 2018. Why because it works brilliantly with Fujifilm X-Series Cameras? Never before I’ve had so much joy and pleasure in processing RAW images through an HDR software. Earlier versions just didn’t quite work as well, with Single or Bracketed exposure. I always saw grainy noise coming through that was a challenge to remove. You had to resort to using layers or other tools like Noiseless to remove the noise from the images. However, with this latest version, these issues are a thing of the past....

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