Author: Harmeet Gabha

DIY Convert Film Negative into Digital Image

Last week I published a post that provided very comprehensive details on my process of converting 35mm film negatives or medium formats into digital images so you can save them on your computer or take them to a local Lab to get them printed. This week, I have put together a video version but with even more insight on my post-processing steps to finalise the converted negative. What I cover in this video: The Lightbox that I use How I convert negative into digital photo? How I setup my camera and connect it up into Lightroom? How I edit...

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DIY How to Easily Convert Negatives to Digital Photos?

Converting your old negative to digital photo is not a hard process but it does take some time, so you need to invest it setting up and photographing your negatives. You can buy off the shelf converters that convert your photos to digital images but they have their limitations; noisy scan, JPEG only (no RAW file), trivial interface and buttons. However, they would do an okay job. Trust me I bought one to try it out and soon after I was back to the drawing board to figure out how to do it myself. Hence I put this detail...

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DJI Mavic Air Unboxing

After being away from my YouTube channel for a few months due to various personal reasons, I am glad to be back and creating content again. Having recently purchased my 2nd drone (I sold the first one December 2017) which is the Mavic Air. I recorded an unboxing video of the DJI Mavic Air – Fly More Combo. I got a great deal from the guys at DigiDirect Melbourne, which made hard to say no to this beautifully crafted drone. I had to bite the bullet!! Now that I have it prepped and ready to fly, I look forward...

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Downsizing my Drone

I was one of the few early adopters who jumped at the opportunity to buy a DJI Phantom 3 drone when it came out in 2015 in Australia. I put my pre-order in and had to wait 4 weeks for it to arrive. I was so excited!! When I got my drone I was over the moon the concept of the detached camera from the ground and being able to take pictures and videos with a never before seen perspective. It was amazing!! But to take that drone with you was a chore on its own. I traveled with...

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From Boring to Brilliant

There are times when you go out for a shoot hoping to capture a great shot but you come away with an ordinary one. Last Sunday was one of those times. I went out to Bare Island at La Perouse hoping to shoot some nice sunrise shots before I had to pick up my parents at the airport. Now this location is good 50kms from my place so I leave with 1 hour in mind but Sunday traffic at 6am surprises you in Sydney. By the time I make it there to my destination, thanks to the traffic we...

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