Author: Harmeet Gabha

Luminar Neptune – 2017 Update to Award-Winning Photo Editing Software

Luminar Neptune – A New Way to Edit Photos Harmeet Gabha, Editing 16 June 2017 Luminar Neptune is the latest release from Macphun which has many new features included and is a FREE upgrade for everyone who is already using Luminar. I happened to be lucky enough to get an early copy from the great team at Luminar and was able to check out the latest version. These features are: Accent AI Filter – A magic wand filter that edits your photos with just a single slider Quick access workspaces – to get started quickly with editing Vignette Filter...

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Lightroom Tip – 3 Ways to Straighten an Image

In this video, I will show you 3 ways to quickly straighten an image that may be slightly tilted or not perfectly horizontal when captured in camera. Not sure if other people have this issue but I find often that some of my images will be slightly tilting to the right or left but mostly right. Maybe when I am pressing the shutter button the camera is not steady in my hand. This is not an issue when I use a Tripod to shoot the images, they are levelled just fine. So here are three steps: Crop Tool –...

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7 Tips for shooting Vivid Sydney (Night Photography)

Vivid is an amazing event held in Sydney every year during winter and each year it attracts more and more people out and about to see the exhibitions and the light shows put up everywhere around Sydney. Each year it seems to get bigger and better than the year below. Lots of new or budding photographers take this as a new opportunity to go out and practice their craft. However, since its inception most of the Lighting Exhibits have evolved a lot and now are more animated displays rather than stills. So to capture the perfect shot you need to...

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How to Enhance Autumn Foliage using Luminar – LEAP 07

In this week’s episode I take a drone photo featured in VLOG01 and show you how you can enhance the Autumn Foliage using LUMINAR to make it the star of the photo. This week’s image was shot with DJI Phantom 3 in Annecy, France. Autumn foliage can make an ordinary landscape into an amazing one as they add beautiful reds, oranges and yellows to your image. Increasing their emphasis in the image can make a nice photo even better. See how I edit this autumn landscape using LUMINAR. You can also download the image file via the link below....

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Enhance Foliage in Landscapes using Lightroom

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year when the trees around us show us beautiful colours before they shed their leaves in preparation for Winter. So it’s an amazing opportunity to go out and shoot some of your favourite landscapes once again during this time of the year. Once you have downloaded all your beatiful shots on your computer using some simple yet power post-processing techniques in Lightroom, you can enchnance the beauty of these images. The ‘Foliage’ is the star of such landscape images so it is only fair that we enhance this in order to make it...

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