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This weeks video is about creating Miniature Worlds using these figurines by Faller that I had lying around for a long time. Thanks to a friend Greg who posted some really nice Lego Star Wars scenes that inspired me to go looking for these figurines and use them around the house to capture some creative shots.

If you don’t have this figurines then you can use Lego or any other small figures you have. Heck, if I had my brother GI-Joe collection I’m sure I could have had some fun with that.

I setup these figurines in pots and outdoor table to create some scenes that depict a conversation or environment. For this I used my Fujifilm X-T2 with my only Macro lens, the Fujinon XF 80mm F2.8 Lens. 

The lens is a great choice because it lets you get really close to your figurines so you can fill the frame with them. The closer you are the lesser of the background you see which makes it more interesting and intriguing for the viewer. If you don’t have a Macro lens then don’t worry, you can use whatever lens you have and get as close as you can to the the subject.

You can always crop in Lightroom or Capture One FX in post. Just try to shoot your shots at the widest aperture possible if you are using a non-macro lens.

Here are some of the shots that I created and edited in Capture One FX. Its a great fun way to stay creative and try this project at home.

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