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Looking up is something we don’t do very often in our daily lives, in fact our society has become accustomed to looking down at our smartphones. And when I say up I don’t mean looking up in the sky to spot a plane or superman I mean looking vertically above our head 90 degrees. So when photographing its often a perspective you can neglect to capture as its not a natural habit to you.

However I find that this gives you some amazing perspectives especially inside buildings and results in captivating images. Let’s look at some of the images below and how they are taken.

Looking Up Casa Batllo

Looking Up Casa Batllo

Another advantage of having this perspective of shooting in mind is that you can get past the most frowned upon thing in most buildings is the big T-word. That’s right Tripods!!

Do¬†you know how? Its easy, set your camera on the floor and use the timer to take the shot or your smartphone app for those cameras which have wifi remote feature. This is how I took the above “Casa Batlo” shot.

The image below I was just standing below this light fixture and looking directly above.

Casa Mila La Pedrera

Casa Mila La Pedrera

This month’s desktop wallpaper is another example of looking up. I framed the image so that the symmetry shines and stood directly below the centre where the lines cross and look straight up. Checkout more about the image below here.


Here again in the below image, I am standing right below the centre of the dome and looking straight up. This is taken at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris hand held. The image is a HDR compilation of of three images that were combined in HDR Efex Pro 2.

Galeries Lafayette HDR

Galeries Lafayette HDR


State Capitol Building Madison

So hopefully these images inspire you to keep this on your list of things to capture when you are out and about with your camera. Remember to always look up and see if there are great images to be captured.

Share your thoughts comments and images below, I would love to hear from you.

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