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In June when I was in Lyon for work, however I did have a weekend off where I could do my own thing and go around with my camera to capture some of what this beautiful city has to offer.

In the old city of Lyon, there are many touristic things to do. you can take a cruise in the river, visit the cathedrals, do some boutique shopping or just sit back and enjoy the great variety of food available at all the restaurants.

What I found this time around (my 3rd trip there) that the local French people have become more accepting to tourists and have invested in English speaking staff or have the basic grasp of English so communication is not a big challenge.

Although one tip I have for people is to make an effort to at least greet them in French and even learn how to ask them if they speak English in French. I do exactly that and I have no trouble at all.

The Photo – Climbing the Stairs

This is from the old city and from a residential building which have these spiral staircases that look amazing. Something about the design is captivating and demands to be photographed. So that’s exactly what I did. I setup the tripod with uneven length on each leg so it could be stable enough to take the shot. This is my favourite from all the ones I took.

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