How to make the Grass Greener in Lightroom

You have come to right place looking for a way to make the grass greener using Lightroom. The truth is that it only take one slider to make the grass greener. And its not the Saturation slider.

Firstly we look at why the grass isn’t as green. This is amplified if you like creating HDR images and the grass becomes neon green. So let me break it down for you why the grass doesn’t look very green sometimes when we take picture. The problem is the SUN.

Yes, that’s right the sun emits yellow light as we know. The grass being translucent absorbs some of this light which passes through it. So when we take the picture where there is lot of grass it has a yellow tone to it.

To fix this it’s very…very easy.

Navigate down to the HSL Panel in the Develop Module in Lightroom. Drag the Yellow slider in HUE to the right…you are pushing it towards Green colour. I’m exaggerating the effect below but you can adjust the slider to your liking. 🙂

That’s it you are done!!

Check out the Before and After below.

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