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Since using the X-Pro3 which I loved due to its beautiful aesthetics, sleek design and rangefinder style viewfinder, I’ve been keen to buy it. No denying it that that I do suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), as I own a X-T2, X-T3, X-T4 already. But there were several factors that stopped me from going ahead with the X-Pro3, the price, the size and the back LCD design.

Qantas Store

Due to the pandemic, travelling is limited and restricted. Even though in NSW, Australia you are pretty safe, we still travel lesser than before just as a precaution. I have not even travelled for Work anywhere, haven’t seen any airports for over 14 months now. As a frequent traveller/flyer this is big adjustment. So the 600K of Qantas Frequent Flyer points that I have accrued over the years, were not taking me (and my family) anywhere. I was keen to use some of these points wondering if the airlines would somewhat change their policy on the points due to the pandemic. So I though to myself…I wonder if they have any FUJIFILM cameras in their Store.

I found that both X100V and the X-E4 were available on the Qantas Store in their own bundles: X-E4 with XF 18-55mm Kit and X100V with a 64GB SanDisk Extreme PRO card and Manfrotto Pixi tripod bundle.

Zoom in to Patterns

Decisions Decisions Decisions?

X-Pro3 was really fun to use but it is big and with detachable lens the form factor changes depending upon which XF Lens you are using on it. The other contenders that are smaller are X-E4 or X-100V. 

So I needed to answer two main questions in order to make a decision?

  • Do I get another interchangeable lens body or a fixed length body?
  • Optical+Electronic Viewfinder or Electronic only

I really liked using the OVF on the X-Pro3 and X-100V has it (but you can switch to EVF as well – checkout my comparison video on X-Pro3 OVF vs EVF). X100V is often referred to as baby X-Pro3 within the community. So now I’m leaning towards X100V but would I be stuck with the fixed lens and regret it? This remained to be answer.

So I decided to review my Lightroom Catalog to understand what are the typical focal lengths I’m shooting at. Analysing my catalog using Smart Collections to understand my most used focal length across all the lens I use on my Fujifilm cameras.

 TOP 5 Focal Lengths

  • 18mm 22% 22%
  • 23mm 31% 31%
  • 56mm 20% 20%
  • 80mm 7% 7%
  • 130mm 4% 4%
  • All Others 17% 17%

Decision Made

Conclusion of all this was the 23mm is my most used focal length, so considering this the X100V was obvious choice and I should not have any regret as this seems to be my most used focal length so far (at least when this blog was published).

Decision making even got easier when there was a special of 15% off the advertised points and then as a Gold Level member I got another 5% off. So 342,513 points spent, I had ordered my X100V Silver. Basically no money left my bank or was credited to my credit card.

A few days later the package arrived from which had appeared to be shipped from DigiDirect Australia. Which makes sense as Qantas Store would place the order through a retailer like DigiDirect.

I’ve been enjoying using this camera solely since then. Only other time I have used X-T3/4 was to shoot video only, even though the X100V can shoot video I won’t use it for that purpose.

Accessorising X100V

This camera can be accessorised with many wonderful accessories available by third party manufacturers like:

  • Soft shutter button
  • Thumb Grip
  • Fancy Lens hood
  • Wrist Strap

So I posted a question to the only FUJIFILM Facebook group that I’m a member of Fuji X Aus

Lens Hood

One of the very popular lens hood are the square style lens hoods but they extend the lens out by at least 1-1.5 cm and are not providing any weather sealing. However NiSi Filters Australia make a UV filter which acts like a lens hood and when attached closes up the front of the lens and protects it from the elements. I went with that!!

Soft shutter button

I went with the JJC Soft Shutter Buttons available via Amazon in Red colour.

Wrist Strap

Since I do a bit of leather crafting (@hgleathercraft on Instagram) I deciding to create this myself using some Red Maya Leather that I had purchased for another project. It turned out pretty well in the end. The slight red accent on the front button paired with the red Soft Shutter button and then Red wrist strap makes it a great looking combo.

 Note: if you want to get my custom leather strap, please DM me via Instagram


In conclusion I am very happy with my decision and the X100V is already becoming my everyday camera. Just grab and go!!

The small form factor is wonderful to have in your kit when you don’t want to lug around its bigger brothers and couple of lens.

I’m still learning a lot about the features of this camera and will be customising the camera settings as well.

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