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I don’t like to stress my Mavic Air out of its comfort zone nor do I want to stress myself. I generally will fetch my drone back to Home when the battery level drops to 20-30%. So it’s important to ensure that the battery is drained and charged back from the 0%. This will keep Mavic Air batteries healthy and strong.

It also helps ensure that the battery stays strong and lasts a long time. And with 3 batteries that I have with my Mavic Air (got the Fly More Combo) there is no reason for me to stress my Drone or myself when the battery runs low during a flight.

So I have worked out a way to drain the remainder of the charge from the battery using the supplied Battery to Power Bank adapter that comes with the Fly More Combo. It is designed to convert your Mavic Air battery into a Power Bank. All you need to do is plug in your device and turn on the battery (press once, and then press and hold – like you normally would to power on the drone).

It is a very handy accessory that you can use in emergencies to charge your mobile devices but also use it to drain the batteries.

I simply plug my iPhone or iPad to charge using this connector which eventually drains the battery flat. Once this is done I use the charging hub to charge all the 3 batteries at once.

This ensures that the battery gets a complete cycle from full charge to full discharge and the Mavic Air Batteries remain healthy in the long run. This was not possible with my older DJI Phantom 3 drone which meant over time the battery charge capacity reduced and it wasn’t able to hold enough charge, this resulted in a reduction of flight time before critical level was reached.

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