Capture one

I’ve been shooting some Macro Photographs with my first Macro Lens the Canon 100mm USM IS F2.8 L lens which is fantastically sharp. The setup was quite simple just the standard IKEA lamp as the main source of light with a white piece of paper folded up for fill in light. Shooting flowers can be a bit hard outdoors in their natural surroundings because of wind, light direction and obscure backgrounds. Therefore I find it easy to bring the flower indoors where I can easily control these things. The background is just a black canvas bag and as I don’t light it, it remains dark and therefore becomes a perfect backdrop for the gorgeous flower.

Because of the lamp’s adjustable elbow arm, its easy to move it around and direct the light how I see fit. I just position the light in various different locations to create different effects with the flower and change my shooting perspectives.



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