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I have a Peak Design Slide Lite strap which I have owned for over four years. This strap has served me well over these past years and I have been happy with it. In the last few months I noticed that the rubber surface of the strap started to melt away and was rubbing off on clothes and even my bag when the camera was stored in it.

So when I was looking to buy a new replacement strap on their website, I noticed on the bottom of the site, they mentioned that their products have Lifetime Warranty. I was like what, really?

Who offers Lifetime Warranty? Apple? Samsung? Nike? No one!! Even if a brand claims this generally they have some legal terms that their expensive lawyers have wiped up under which your item may not classify as warranty claim.

So just for experiment sake, I thought what the heck I will submit the claim and see what happens.

In the claim process, they ask for Proof of purchase, thank god I had the email in Gmail saved. Addition to this they asked for video or pictures of the issue, so I captured a few clips on my phone to show them the issue.

 What happened next is just crazy!! I cannot believe Peak Design would do this. Check out the full story in the video below!!

 If you own any current Peak Design products or looking to buy any in the future, you need to know this!

Update: 9th February 2020

So the order for the replacement strap was processed same day, as you would have learnt in the video. 

7 days later I received the said replacement. Obviously this is reflective of them having local stock in Australia and being able to ship it quickly. I got shipment confirmation on Thursday and on Friday (next day) it was at my desk.

Thanks again Peak Design, you guys rock!!

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