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HDR Images

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is one of the most popular photo editing and processing techniques out there. There are numerous software which let you create HDR images from multiple Exposures.

However using these software requires some knowledge and understanding of the different sliders and options in these software. This can be intimidating to some people who’d like a simple and quick way to create HDR images.

Well now you can!! HDR in less than 10 seconds using on Lightroom.

For best results you should be shooting in RAW (JPEG won’t produce best results). Here is a preview of the Ultimate HDR Preset pack released on our store¬†which contains 12 Ultimate HDR presets including the 2 Free HDR presets available on Photo Insomnia. The preset pack is available for only $20 AUD.


The preset pack is now available online…follow the link below and get 40% off.

40% off use Coupon “ESTR14”


Dubai Airport Afternoon Sun HDR - After Caesars Palace Neon Lights HDR In the Dark HDR Grand Canyon HDR Red Chopper HDR Afternoon Sun HDR Easy on the Eyes HDR Easy on the Eyes HDR

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