It’s Official – Punchy HDR Preset is Most Popular

It’s Official – Most Popular Preset

Every since its release back in March, my Punchy HDR Preset for Lightroom (v4) has been the most popular by far. Many people who have downloaded it have emailed me back saying how much they love the preset.

The other presets like Instagram Preset, LR5 Light Leak Preset, LR5 Punchy HDR Preset and LR5 Afternoon HDR Preset are more recent (except Instagram preset which is oldest) but it seems that people want to create more HDR like photos these days. Lightroom v5 is more recent so perhaps most people have not yet upgraded to it.

Punchy HDR - Statistics at End of August
Punchy HDR – Statistics at End of August

Thanks for all your support and feedback, I’ll continue to publish more presets for Free!!

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