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Michael Sutton

In this post continuing on the series, I will feature a local talented photographer from Sydney’s one of most famous beaches – Cronulla Beach. He is an early bird that catches the most amazing sunrise shots.

Michael Sutton has a beautiful series of photos on his instagram account, that are pleasure to see. He has been practicing his early morning ritual for years, waking up before the sun is up and heading to his local beach to snap a shot of sunrise.

You might think and wonder, how many unique shots can you take from the same one location. Surely, you’d get tired of the same location after a while. Well Michael’s instagram account is a perfect example of where its all about your eye for the photograph rather than the location. If I didn’t tell you, you and you didn’t look at his hashtags, you wouldn’t really know that most of his photos have been taken at Cronulla Beach.

He’s also been featured on the Television more than you can count, by our favourite Weather presenter on Channel Ten – Tim Bailey

Hoping that, Channel Ten pays him some royalties for using his photos during their weather forecasts. If not then they should, the man has some gorgeous shots in his portfolio!!

I love waking up to see fresh new image in my Instagram feed. Great way to start the morning!!

He also has a great eye for silhouettes that are contrasted by vibrant and colourful backdrops. I mean just look at some of these photos below. Check out his feed and make sure you follow him! 

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Michael also offers workshops that you can check out over on his website

Love his photos, why not show the love by buying some of his prints via his store. They start from only AU $17.

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