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Mark Duffy

Mark is an Ireland based landscape photographer who is the featured Instagrammer of this week. 

Mark Duffy is a landscape photographer based in Ireland. With a background in graphic design and music, he discovered time-lapse photography while filming own drum videos. His passion further developed into time-lapse and started filming time-lapse videos of his home town Dundalk.

Eventually, made the move over to landscape photography as a full time photographer. He also focuses on other genres like cityscapes,

He’s a self taught photographer but with a background of graphics design you can see some of his skills in action in his photography, by how carefully and beautifully his images are composed. He also takes some gorgeous behind the scene photographers.

Originally a Canon Photography, he made the switch to Fujifilm X-Series camera by swapping all his camera gear to Fuji at a local camera store. That’s quite unique, I doubt that here in Australia I could go to a camera store and do a straight swap of old gear with new cameras.

Not only he’s an avid photographer but he also has a YouTube channel where he shares lots of tips and tutorials. Check out his channel, you will learn something.

He was kind enough to share some of images for me to use in this blog post so I have permission to use this images. Thanks Mark!

Discover more about Mark

Follow him on Instagram @markduffyphotographyhe has 35K followers, so go check out his account and follow him so he can load your Insta Feed with his gorgeous images.

Like and love his images, then be sure to support him by buying one of his prints over at his website.

He also has a healthy and growing following on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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