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Craig Whitehead

In this new series, I will feature some of the amazing photographers that I follow on Instagram who take some of the most amazing photographs you will ever see.

Craig Whitehead aka @sixstreetunder is this week’s featured photographer. He is a street photographer based in the UK, that has some of the best photos you will ever see.

I first discovered Craig, while watching a YouTube video of Kai Wong in which, Craig is given a toy camera to try to create and capture some street photographs. Craig shared a lot of insights into his process and how he manages to capture some of these amazing photos. 

He visualises the shot that he wants, gets his composition sorted and then waits for the right moment. He only shoots with prime lens and his gear of choice is Fujifilm cameras.

My key takeaway from that was patience, which is his key strength. Don’t rush and wait for right moment before you press the shutter button. It’s clearly demonstrated in his photography, he was waiting for the moment and captured it when it happened. He shares that he may stand and wait at a location for over an hour for that pristine moment to happen and him being able to capture it. He also share how little he post-processes his photos, generally he only does very basic adjustments to the photo.

His account is littered with so many beautiful photos, some make you think and some just blow your mind, because they are perfectly choreographed. But they are not!! Timing and patience are the key.

Check out some his photos below which I have taken of his Instagram account with his permission. Click on the image to see high resolution version to appreciate his work. 

Discover more about Craig

Follow him on Instagram @sixstreetunder, his 200K followers can’t be wrong.

Craig offers workshops that you can check out over on his website

Love his photos, why not show the love by buying some of his prints via his store. They start from only £60 (US $75)

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