Lightroom CC/6 – Free HDR Presets

With the recent release of Lightroom CC or 6, I have retested my most popular and still Free HDR presets for Lightroom. Here are some of the before and after shots processed in Lightroom CC with these presets

Punchy HDR

My very first and most popular HDR preset for Lightroom still producing great images with just a click of a button.

Afternoon HDR

Second one in the line up of my Free presets, this one is specifically suited for bright day and over-head lighting preset.


Click below to download these presets and enjoy using Lightroom. If you liked the free presets, please do check out my premium presets here.

The secret revealed – How to Create HDR from Single Image?

Recently I created a video that shows you how to create HDR image from one Single Image in Lightroom. Learn the secret and create your own HDR Presets.

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