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As much fun it is taking Panoramic and HDR photos it is often a challenge once you get them downloaded on your computer to recognise the start and finish of a sequence. So how to define a start and a finish marker, well it’s quite easy and simple. This is something one may not realise on their own but once you learn it, it’s on the tip of your fingers.

Did you guess it yet? No? Its your fingers. So before you start a Panoramic or HDR sequence simply take a shot with your finger or fingers or hand in the frame. That define the start of a sequence and at the end take another shot with the same marker. Now when you download the photos in your computer, you will quickly spot the start and stop of a sequence.

To further extend this you can use different marker for start and finish, for example use one finger for the start marker and two fingers for the end. Other markers you can use:
– Lens cap
– Over or Under exposed photo (complete white or black)
– Create and carry a business card size cut out with Start and Finish printed on each side
– Create two images Start and Finish and carry them in your Smartphone
– Share your idea in the comments below.
Then if you shoot many sequences you will be able differentiate them. And because it’s digital just delete them once you have grouped or stacked your sequence in Adobe Bridge or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Aperture.

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