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Lightroom Mobile for iPad

Adobe launched Lightroom Mobile earlier this month which is only available for iPad at the moment but will extend to Android devices.

In this first episode of Photo Insomnia we take a look at how this new app will help you edit your photos on your iPad.

LR Mobile

Started playing with this new mobile version of Lightroom for iPad only. The app is Free but you need an Adobe CC Subscription to be able to use it.

So stop here if you don’t have the subscription and are not interested in Subscription model licensing.

First thoughts:

  • Wow, took them (Adobe) so long to come up with something mobile.
  • It Syncs quickly depending upon your internet connection.
  • works well to get some basic editing, sorting done.

Key Features:

  • All Basic panel edit settings available. Including Alt/Option key function for white & black point setting.
  • Flag images, pick; reject; unpick
  • Crop images.
  • Before & After view (three finger tap).
  • Metadata views, Histogram.

How I will use it:

  • review photos on-the-go. On the Train and Airplane.
  • perform basic adjustments on the photos that I have picked.
  • catch up on photo post-processing backlog from 2013.

I think this is a great start and I am sure other features are around the corner.

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