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Apple iPad on it’s own is a great little handy gadget (it’s not a laptop or computer) which has many features and apps available that make it fun to use. However not many people know but the iPad can also be used as a Backup Device for Photos when you are traveling. This is why when I ordered my IPad 2 I bough the 64GB Version.

How to Backup your Photos

Let’s say your memory card is full and you need to save the photos somewhere so that you can format the card and take more photos. Backup your Photos onto the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit (connector for SD Card and direct USB).

Step 1

Just plug the Camera Connection kit into the iPad and connect your Camera or insert the SD Card and iPad will launch Photos.

Step 2

Immediately it will start the import wizard and ask you which photos you want to download and import.

Step 3

Select the photos you want to import.

import-selected-photos-ipadStep 4

When done, iPad will also ask you whether to delete the photos from the card or leave them on their also. You can select the appropriate option. My preference is to leave the photos on the card and if I need to reuse the card, I format it from within my camera.

Download Photos to Computer

Once you get back to your computer simply connect the iPad and use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Apple Aperture or your favourite photo management application to download the photos.

Bonus Advantage

Another advantage of using the iPad apart from backup is you can review your photos and start to delete any that you don’t want. The high quality 9.7″ screen makes it easy to zoom in on the photos and select the best from the rest. Much better than reviewing your photos on the back of your camera with the tiny 2-3″ screen.

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