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Spent a few hours over the weekend configuring my online portfolios over at SmugMug for mostly the US audience and PhotoMerchant for the Aussie audience. I’ve uploaded a selection of my photos that you can buy online in various different formats and sizes.

What I didn’t realise is that it’s a lot of work uploading the photos, tagging them and then setting up pricing for the many photos (literally too many options for configuration) . Now maintaining both portfolios is what will take a lot of energy.

PhotoMerchant Portfolio

SmugMug Portfolio

Out of the two I think SmugMug has much better interface for managing your photos online. However PhotoMerchant is and seems to be the only main site for the Aussies but its not bad.

Eiffel Tower print from SmugMug

Icon of France, Eiffel Tower in Paris. Serving thousands of visitors daily

Eiffel Tower print from PhotoMerchant

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