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Ever since I bought a Fujifilm X100v I’ve been impressed by this little compact power house that is the FUJIFILM X100V. One of the things I really love about the camera is its ability to get really close to the subject and the pictures you get are macro level. It just eats up the background when you are up close to the subject.

X100v 23mm – F2.0 – 1/900s – ISO400

Its hard to believe this above image is not taken with an expensive macro lens. The background just disappears when shooting at F2.0 as you get close to the subject. I snapped this shot after a small drizzle that came down this one morning and I saw these beautiful droplets on strands of grass.

 In the below photo, this flower bunch is 2 inch in size and with the X100v I can get so close to frame the shot and fill with the flower. The background is a wooden fence which just disappears when shooting at F2.0

X100v 23mm – F4.0 – 1/350s – ISO 800

The rated closest focusing distance of the X100V is 10cms which is incredibly close and this is why you are able to get some really maco shots. When I compared this with my X-T3 paired with XF 23mm F1.4 lens I was only able to get ~20cms close to the flowers or other subjects. Any closer and the camera would not be able to focus.

The X100V design is very compact and as the lens is tiny its able to focus so close. In order to take maco photos you don’t have to dig through any menus or any buttons, just get up close to your subject and focus to take the shot.

Sample Images

Sample full resolution images from X100v available for download below. Click on the link to open the image or Right Click and save:


In my camparison video I demonstrate how good the X100V is at this job when compared with another X series camera (like the X-T3). Of course if you have a Macro Lens in your camera kit then you can get much closer than 10cms but this means having a separate lens.

So if you are considering buying the X100V, this is another great reason to consider this camera. Not only its compact, light and really good at low light but it also serves as a Secret Macro camera.

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