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Printing is not something most of us do often. We take tons of photos but they simply sit on our digital devices such as phone, computers and tablets. We are so used to consuming photos on our digital devices that we forget that printing was ever a thing back in the day of Film.

Reason #1 – Put Those Megapixels to Work

Each and every camera that comes out pushes the boundaries and envelope of the number of Megapixels that can be packed into a camera. So if you don’t print, you are simply wasting those Megapixels that are in your camera.

All the photos sitting on your computer, phone or external hard drive are a risk!! Technology can fail, computer can corrupt, hard drives can fail and suddenly you can loose all the precious photos. Printing your photos will ensure that you have something that will stand the tests of time and be with you forever.

Print the photos and print them BIG, put those megapixels to use.

Reason #2 – PRINT Is The Ultimate Form of Satisfaction

Holding a print in your hand gives the ultimate form of satisfaction. When you hold that print in your hand it just feel real, you feel the emotion that you had while capturing that photo. You cannot touch the megapixels or have the same emotional response to a photo when you view it digitally, that feeling of having a print in your hand and the emotion it evokes is unique!!

When I talk about Print, I don’t mean a 6×4″ or 5×7″ print. I mean a big print like 12×18″ or bigger when you can really enjoy the details that your big megapixel camera has captured.

Reason #3 – Constant Reminder Of Your Cherished Memory

Once you’ve printed you images, hang them around the house on your walls so that you can be constantly reminded of your memories that you captured of your family and friends.

They will bring those moments back in your mind when you look at them. They will inspire you to go and capture more precious memories with your camera and will want to print.


I find that those who have taken the leap to print their photos stay inspired to print more. Its addictive and you’ll be hooked on printing. I have soo many photos around the house that I have taken and printed big to hang around the house.

I just love to see my favourite photos printed, even though I have no more space to hang them but I still keep printing them and replace them into existing frames.

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