Lightroom 5 HDR Preset – Punchy HDR

Punchy HDR, is one of my most popular HDR presets (1000+ downloads a month) that I created for use in Lightroom 4. This preset has been revised and optimised for Lightroom 5 and is available for download. Its still free just as before!! The preset works best on RAW images as they contains most information in comparison to JPEG images. Check out the preview below of the Before & After.

Lightroom 5 HDR Preset – Afternoon

This was another preset I published earlier last month and its gaining popularity as well, so I’ve gone and redone the preset for Lightroom 5 as well.


Download the HDR Presets below or check out my premium Lightroom HDR presets below.

The secret revealed – How to Create HDR from Single Image?

Recently I created a video that shows you how to create HDR image from one Single Image in LightroomLearn the secret and create your own HDR Presets.

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Installation of the presets is pretty easy. Just follow the steps below or watch the youtube video below where I show you how to Install and Use the presets.

  • Unzip the downloaded file in any desired folder.
  • Launch your Lightroom 5 on your computer
  • Switch to Develop Module and navigate to the Preset>User Presets in the left panel
  • Right Click on “User Presets” folder and select Import
  • Locate the folder where you unzipped the downloaded file
  • Select the Preset and click Import
  • And your Preset is installed