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Lightroom 5 HDR Preset – Punchy HDR

Punchy HDR, is one of my most popular HDR presets (1000+ downloads a month) that I created for use in Lightroom 4. This preset has been revised and optimised for Lightroom 5 and is available for download. Its still free just as before!! The preset works best on RAW images as they contains most information in comparison to JPEG images. Check out the preview below of the Before & After.

Lightroom 5 HDR Preset – Afternoon

This was another preset I published earlier last month and its gaining popularity as well, so I’ve gone and redone the preset for Lightroom 5 as well.


Download the HDR Presets below or check out my premium Lightroom HDR presets below.

The secret revealed – How to Create HDR from Single Image?

Recently I created a video that shows you how to create HDR image from one Single Image in LightroomLearn the secret and create your own HDR Presets.

Get 250+ Premium Presets for Lightroom



Installation of the presets is pretty easy. Just follow the steps below or watch the youtube video below where I show you how to Install and Use the presets.
  • Unzip the downloaded file in any desired folder.
  • Launch your Lightroom 5 on your computer
  • Switch to Develop Module and navigate to the Preset>User Presets in the left panel
  • Right Click on “User Presets” folder and select Import
  • Locate the folder where you unzipped the downloaded file
  • Select the Preset and click Import
  • And your Preset is installed
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  1. Thanks for sharing these presets, I’m new to lightroom 5 and have been looking for some presets to get me started. Appreciate it!!

          1. Hi Krist,

            Sorry about not getting the link. I’ve emailed you directly the link to this and other presets. Enjoy!!


          2. Hi Harmeet……….Would you be able to email me the preset also? I’t snot showing on the webpage.

            Thank you


          3. Karen, the link is now accessible via this page. I’ve removed the “Pay with a Like” button.

        1. hi Ive liked the the presets on fb and the links not showing could u send me the links for direct download of the punchy and afternoon hdr presets for lightroom 5 thanks james

  2. I love Punchy, I have used it on baby photos and it makes them look like those oil painting puzzles its amazing – I do not get this result on all photos it depends on where its taken.. anyway love it and thanks so much for letting us use it!

  3. hey. thanks for your effort to make Presets. I am currently using Lightroom5 for Windows. and it seems not allowing me to import your HDR Preset.
    Is it for Mac users? Cause I’ve added presets before. but this one isn’t allowing me.
    How can I fix this problem?

    1. Nothing particular to do with Mac vs Windows. You can just copy the preset file “.lrtemplate” into your “Develop Presets” folder typically found under “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets\User Presets” (for Windows 8 & 7)

      Or just click the button in Lightroom under Edit > Preference > Presets, and select the desired folder “Develop Presets”
      LR Preset Location Windows

  4. Im new in Lightroom, always use Element 8 until now. i already download this preset and make a little test, tremendous, congrats. its more easy to make my workflow. Thanks.

  5. Hi Harmeet, I have the same thing happened again yesterday, and I recommended Google will not let me download presets not do that bad ….
    btw thanks for your quick response yesterday.
    Great for your page.

    1. Hi Mark,

      A few people have reported issue with the “Pay with a Like” feature, so I’ve removed it from this post. You should see the download links in the Download section.


  6. I’ve tweeted about your presets but the download links weren’t revealed. My twitter name is Lucy Ricardo. 😉 Thank you!!

  7. I know a really stupid question, but how do I use the HDR preset? Does it allow me to make an HDR out a stack of pictures that have diffrent exposures?

    1. Hi Sander,

      The HDR Preset is for Lightroom only and Lightroom doesn’t natively support merging multiple/stack of images (with different exposures). The Preset is ideal for single RAW image which will be processed using this Preset to give very HDR look. Check out my YouTube video below regarding installing and using this HDR Preset on your images.

  8. hi am tryin to download your lightroom presets but link doesn’t show tried refreshing the page but nothing could u send me the links please thanbks james

  9. I shared TWICE and didn’t get the preset download link even after refreshing the page. Could you email it to me please?


      1. I +1 your article and shared with my photograph friends so could you mail me the plugins too please ?
        I dont understand why you do not copy the link in comment instead of sending mails to everyone …

        1. Aurelien, Link is shown after you share the post. I do this to promote the page which allows more people to discover the page. Since many of you are having trouble now, I’ve enabled the direct download links on this page. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for your message but I can in the email platform you were sent the email. If you still have trouble please let me know.

    1. Hi Kalyan, I can see that the links were emailed to you successfully. If you have an problems accessing them let me know.

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