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In this 3rd Episode of the LEAP Show, I take you through a complete edit from start to finish in Lightroom. I will show you how I create the HDR Look in my images using only a single exposure and no other 3rd party software.

Its simply done using the Lightroom’s Develop module and nothing more. So even if you are using Lightroom version 4 or 5 you can apply this technique to create HDR look in Lightroom.

You can download the RAW file (DNG) and the LR Preset using the link below.

LEAP03 DNG & Preset (337 downloads)

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Can’t be Bothered – Get Ready Made Presets

If you don’t have the time or can’t be bothered creating HDR presets yourself, we have saved you the hassle with some ready made presets that you can get from our online store. 

Ultimate HDR Preset Pack for Lightroom

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