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Having just gotten my DJI Phantom 3 my second adventure (almost a year ago now) led me to Sea Cliff Bridge located South of Sydney, I spent some time taking pictures and getting some video footage from this awesome location.

Video editing is not as easy as photography so as I learn the tools and techniques I put together some video clips of the locations where I’ve flown. As this was one of the earlier flights you really find that most of your footage is rubbish and you can’t use it as the movements are quite sudden.

I have discovered that especially with video footage, you really need to plan ahead and outline the kind of shots you want to capture to create a nice story at the end.

This video is very short but I’m still learning the tricks and techniques of capturing great video. The drone makes it easy to have a smooth movement but you still need lot of practice. Hope you like watching this video, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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