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Drone flying is a great hobby for individuals who are searching out new perspectives. They are sure fun to fly around although the real treasure rests within breathtaking aerial videography. This sensational new hobby has taken the attention of many people.

With many enthusiasts devoting their time to master the art of flying their drones, we’ve become used to seeing incredibly beautiful aerial shots. We no longer want the ordinary terrestrial shots.

One great means to creating stunning videography is to use a professional quality drone and a GoPro camera. It is almost impossible not to get spectacular results.

When drones didn’t exist yet, stunning aerial shots weren’t possible without helicopters. Renting one will be of course impossible for average consumers. Technology has opened doors for a completely new form of exploration and creativity through drones.

State Regulations Have Emerged

We’ve heard a lot of news about drones nearly colliding with air planes, injuring people and crashing into other people’s cars or houses. Therefore, special rules need to be in place.

In the US, the FAA lists some guidelines for drone enthusiasts: Fly below 400 feet, keep drone within your sight, you can’t go within 5 miles of airports, don’t operate over groups of people, and so on.

More ratification may be presented in the future. However, this is only to protect properties, people, as well as their privacy. For safe flying, make sure to register your small UAS if it’s over 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds.

The Future of Drone Enthusiasts

The FAA will continue to implement more mandates in order to keep dangerous aircraft behavior. They have the authority to impose regulations. Only those who recklessly and carelessly operate a small UAS should fear their future.

Setting regulations is positive and reasonable move. FAA doesn’t want to deter drone enthusiasts from operating but rather, they only prioritize public safety. Drone enthusiasts shouldn’t be leery of the future. Small UAS enthusiasts should understand where they can and cannot operate.


Despite all the regulations, more and more people get into the hobby of drone flying. Consumer drone market continues to rise as drones become more affordable for many people. Drones are more likely to become a more common sight not just with hobbyists but also with commercial drone users.

The drone industry will continue to have immense growth. Thus, we don’t see the future of drone enthusiasts diminishing at all. Drone flying will continue to be a prevalent pastime.

Amanda Shaffer

Amanda Shaffer

Amanda Shaffer is a freelance blogger and outreach specialist. She enjoys slow-paced travel to the distant corners of the galaxy, always bringing along her trusty pooch, Bond. Amanda enjoys snapping super-professional photos with her phone or – when she’s lucky – exploring with a friend’s drone for a bird’s-eye-view of new adventures. For inquiries, you can find her on LinkedIn.

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