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Self Critique

You may have heard of photographers asking more experienced photographers to Critique their work or Portfolio. Why do people do that? Its just to get feedback from a better & more experienced pro photographer on what you are doing well in your photographs and what needs improvement. So you understand what I mean when I say ‘Self Critique’, critiquing your own work and understanding what works and what not. Its easier said then done, and you can develop your eye by studying other photographers work and taking notes of what they do in their photos. Watch the show “The Grid” by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski which has Blind Critiques. I’ve learnt a lot from watching these episodes.

Which photo do you like?

Out of the two photos shown below which do you like better. They have same processing applied and were taken seconds apart. Click for a larger preview and then decide.


Did you also figure out why you like the one you like? In case, you didn’t decide which is better, lets break it down.

The processing is the same on both photos. However the one on the right hand side it appears as if the Pont Neuf and Metro sign are joined together. But you will quickly realise that that is not the case, the Pont Neuf sign is closer to you than the Metro sign which is further back. The one on the left side doesn’t suffer from this issue, so when you look at it you clearly see the separation of the two signs and also gives clear indication of the depth in the photo. The Metro sign being further away from you then the Pont Neuf sign.

So separation between the subjects is quite important in photographs to give a proper sense of depth in the photograph. Without this separation the photograph does not appear as strong as it can be.


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