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You have an iPhone and you love to take pictures with your iPhone but you probably didn’t know that there are many different ways or options to trigger the shutter of your iPhone camera. Now if you don’t know what I mean by “trigger the shutter”, it simply implies the moment you press the button on your Camera App to take the photo. In camera terminology you are firing or triggering the shutter.

So the most obvious option is to take the picture with the Camera App button which everybody knows, therefore we can’t count that as one. But let’s now look at 5 additional ways to do the same.

1. Volume Button (+)

Not many people know that you can take pictures by pressing the Volume Up or + Button on the Volume controls of your iPhone. So you hold the iPhone horizontally and press the Volume Up or + button to take the shot. Press the button gently so that it doesn’t shake the camera and while holding the iPhone, hold it close to your body. This helps stablise the iPhone and you will be sure to get a sharp image.

Volume Plus Button
Volume Plus Button

2. Earphones

Just like above, your earphones also have the Volume controls, so if you can trigger the shutter with the Volume Up or + button on the iPhone, it would mean you could do the same via the earphones. Well yes of course. The benefit is of course that the length of the earphone cable can:

  • setup your iPhone further away from you
  • set the iPhone on a Tripod with a dedicated Holder (eg. Joby GripTight Mount)
Remote Trigger Earphone
Remote Trigger Earphone

3. Self Timer

This is built-in your Camera App but not a lot of people know about this. There are two options – 2 second timer or 10 second timer. Again you can use this to take a selfie where you are not holding your camera or even a group shot where you can be in the shot by setting a 10 second timer.

Timer Mode

4. Apple Watch as a Remote

If you own an Apple Watch, then you have the ability to take the photo using the watch. It acts like a remote wireless trigger that will take the picture when you press the shutter button on the Apple Watch. This allows you the ability to take selfies and group shots where you can be further away from your iPhone.

Timer Mode

5. Bluetooth Remote

You can also buy aftermarket bluetooth remotes that can be paired with your iPhone and will take the photo remotely.


So there you have it, 5 unknown and secret ways to take iPhone photos. If you enjoyed reading about these tips, we would love it if you could share with your friends this post via the buttons below on your favourite social network.

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