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Benro Tripods are great, ever since I got my Benro Tripod (Benro C2682TB1 Transformer Travel Angel Carbon Fiber Tripod) I’ve loved using it. Its Carbon Fibre, compact and steady tripod that you can take with you everywhere with easy. It fits in any carry on luggage so its good for short trips.

Ever since putting the tripod through its paces at the workshop with Jay and Varina Patel, it needed a bit of cleaning. Mostly due to Sand as it got into the grooves of the tripod. So I jumped online to find out how to clean the Carbon Fibre tripod, hoping that there will be simple instruction online or on YouTube. To much disappointment even the Benro USA site doesn’t have any details or steps on cleaning the tripod. They don’t specify anything about how to dis-assemble the tripod or what kind of grease to use on your tripod after cleaning it.

Googling around I found many blog posts of people talking about their different tripods and what kind of grease they used. Some used Silicon or Lithium based grease to lubricate whereas others talked about using graphite powder, some suggested using both.

So I went to the local hardware store (Bunnings in Sydney) and picked up both Lithium based Grease and Graphite Power, both of which cost about $15 in total. The Grease packing was massive 500gm, so I don’t think I will run out of it in my lifetime. I even asked the lady in the store and she said they only stock this size.

Grease and Graphite

Disassembling the Tripod

Before, you start to disassemble your tripod have your Camera or Smart Phone handy so you can take pictures along the way to help you put together the tripod in case you forget or there is some confusion. My tripod took about 24hr to dry, but it was during the rainy days.

Step 1

Unscrew the tripod shoes or feet (not sure what the technical term is)

Benro Tripod Cleaning

Step 2

Remove the slimmest/smallest most legs of the tripod, unscrew the rubber lock grips.

Benro Tripod Cleaning

Step 3

Remove the little plastic rivets that surround the top of the legs, they are very lightly snapped into the leg.

Benro Tripod Cleaning-3

Step 4

Move to the next section and repeat steps 3-4.

Benro Tripod Cleaning-4

Step 5

Once you have only the final lets remaining, they don’t screw off from the tripod. You will need the allen key (supplied with your tripod) to unscrew them from the frame, you should have the right key provided with the Tripod in the packaging when you bought it. However, as this is the top most section it was fairly Sand free in my case I just gave the bottom half off it a wash.

Washing the Tripod

Fill up a basin or sink with enough water to submerge the longest Tripod leg section. Add some dishwashing liquid to lightly soften the water and create little bit of foam in it. The water should feel soapy slightly when you run your fingers through it.

Get a brush and small tooth brush to get into the rubber lock grips to clean out the sand and grit. Gently submerge the rubber lock grips and give them a good rinse in the soapy water.

Brush lightly the carbon fibre legs and screw-in grooves to remove sand and grease remaining. Unfortunately as I was washing the tripod I was unable to take the pictures at the same time. I plan to create a timelapse next time I clean my tripod.

Make sure you have left the tripod in a well ventilated area so it can dry off nicely. Mine took 24hr, I left it overnight and assembled the next day.

Benro Tripod - Washed and left to dry

Tripod Assembly

Take a very small amount of the Lithium grease and almost a teaspoon of Graphite powder into a saucer and apply small amounts to the grooves of the Rubber Lock grips.

Lithium Grease with Graphite Powder

Make sure any excess grease is wiped off, you really just need a tiny amount applied around the tripod leg. Attach the plastic rivets to the tripod leg and gently slide one leg into another, tighten the rubber grip and repeat to complete the assembly.
Applying the Grease to the Tripod

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