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I had been watching my Google+ and Pinterest photo streams and found many photos that have a Light Leak effect applied on them.
Light leak comes from the old darkroom days when Cameras used film. A roll of 24 or 36 exposure film had to be carefully loaded in your camera, hopefully in a dark location. And after the roll was full you would take it to the photo lab where they will remove the film and develop the photos out of it. Light leak is essentially the film getting exposed to additional light after getting the photo. This might most likely happen when you try to remove the film from the camera or during the development process.

As modern digital cameras don’t rely on traditional film this is a thing of the past. However adding this digitally to you photos can create an interesting look.

So I decided to create some effects in Lightroom to simulate light leak. Here are five of my favorite presets which you can download and enjoy.

Light Leak (LL) Presets

Light Leak Presets are designed using the brand new Radial filters available only in Lightroom 5, so these Presets won’t work in earlier versions of Lightroom. Below is a selection of my favourite five presets that I like to use with my photographs.

 LL Half Exposed


LL Dual Flare


LL Burnt Edges


LL Woops

LL Flare



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LR5 Light Leak Preset (21869 downloads)


Installation of the presets is pretty easy. Just follow the steps below or watch the youtube video below where I show you how to Install and Use the presets.

  • Unzip the downloaded file in any desired folder.
  • Launch your Lightroom 5 on your computer
  • Switch to Develop Module and navigate to the Preset>User Presets in the left panel
  • Right Click on “User Presets” folder and select Import
  • Locate the folder where you unzipped the downloaded file
  • Select the Preset and click Import
  • And your Preset is installed

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