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A New Lightroom Preset – Afternoon HDR

Afternoon HDR is a preset that I created because it so happens that many times when I go out to take photos, it might not be early in the morning or later evening. It might actually be the middle of the afternoon with full sun shining above your head.

So in this Preset I toned down the afternoon bright sunlight because everything becomes too Yellow and if you have any foliage it also becomes fluro Green. To make the most of this Preset please make sure you are taking your photos in RAW format and not in JPEG.


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Before and After

Final Results


Lightroom Preset - Afternoon HDR

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Lightroom Preset - Afternoon HDR


Watch the video below to get started with installing the preset and start using it on your computer. Steps are the same for Lightroom 4 or Lighroom 5.

  • Unzip the downloaded file in any desired folder.
  • Launch your Lightroom 4 on your computer
  • Switch to Develop Module and navigate to the Preset>User Presets in the left panel
  • Right Click on “User Presets” folder and select Import
  • Locate the folder where you unzipped the downloaded file
  • Select the Preset and click Import
  • And your Preset is installed


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