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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is such a powerful tool when it comes to organising and editing your photos. Its something that all photographers use on a daily basis.

As a new user to Lightroom Classic there are several Keyboard Shortcuts that you should learn in order to speed up your workflow and navigation within Lightroom Classic. These keyboard shortcuts have made my workflow so much faster and allows me to edit my photographs very quickly and efficiently.

Hence this post to share these shortcuts to help you work faster in Lightroom as well. Download the image below or print it for quick access till you learn these shortcuts.

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G –

E – 

D – 

Tab – 

Shift + Tab – 

Grid View in Library Module

Loupe View in Library Module

Edit your photo in Develop Module

Hide/Show left and right panels

Hide/Show all panels: left, right, top and bottom


P –

X –

U –

N –

C –

1-5 –

6-9 – 

0 –

I –

Flag photo as Pick

Flag photo as Reject

Flag photo as un-Pick

Survey a Selection of Photos

Compare two Photos

Rate photos 1 to 5 stars

Fag photos: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

Clear Rating

Cycle Info Overlay

Turn on Auto Advance from the “Photo” menu in the Library Module.

Lightroom will jump/advance to next image as soon as you flag an image as Picked/Rejected/Unpicked



R –
Q –
M –
Shift + M –
K –
W –

\ –
Y –

L –

Command + Shift + C –
Ctrl + Shift + C –

Command + Shift + V –
Ctrl + Shift + V –

Crop Tool (X – to rotate crop)
Spot Removal Tool
Gradient Filter
Radial Filter
Adjustment Brush
White Balance Selector

Toggle Before/After
Split Before/After

Lights Out

Copy Develop Settings

Paste Develop Settings

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