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A while ago, I created a blog post to talk about my travel backup strategy and it was received well by you guys. Now in order to make sure my other audience on YouTube also got this information shared with them, I decided to create this as 3a video for my channel.

So similar to my post I focus of 3 points of backup in my approach when I am out travelling and capturing photos.

  • First point – backup on to your laptop. Download all your photos from memory cards from cameras, gopro and drone etc and save them on your laptop
  • Second point – backup to external HDD. Copy all the photos downloaded to your computer onto an external HDD preferably an SSD type.
  • Thirst point – keep the original memory card. Don’t overwrite it unless you run out of the cards. 

 Now when travelling back home I will spread out these items in various places in my luggage. For example, laptop will be in my carry on backpack. HDD would be in placed in a hard case and then tucked under soft clothes in my checked in luggage. The original memory cards I will give my wife to keep in her bag so it’s spread out.

In case one of these items or two of these are lost, I still have the third source which has all the photos from my trip. This ensures that those precious memories that I have captured are safe and preserved to make it home. 

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