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Textures are really cool and unique way to give you photographs a whole new feel and emotion. When done correctly it can result is some outstanding photographs. I love using textures on my images, and often will combine two to three textures to an image not just one.

Below is one example. The original image lacked mood and was flat as it was taken on very Overcast day. Adding the texture to this image gave it an old and aged look.

Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town, California

Last weekend I did some more work with textures as I was creating a tutorial video for my YouTube channel to help people create outstanding images with textures. Here is a before and after comparison below check out the large size i’ve put the full resolution image online.


Before Texture -Dandeloin

Before Texture -Dandeloin


After Texture - Dandeloin

After Texture – Dandeloin

If you like this result and want to learn this technique check out my tutorial video below. You can your own copy of my Premium Texture pack which includes the three textures used in the above image and 47 others. That’s 50 premium textures collected from around the world.

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