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A classic look has is a great way to create old looking images that you probably took yesterday. And when it comes to giving your photo a classic look, you think black and white or toned look.

I have rediscovered the power of Analog Efex Pro 2 which is unlike any other plugin out there in the market. Google made the Nik Collection free earlier in March this year. Unfortunately, this means that this great photography tool kit won’t see future development but it also means that a lot more people can try out this amazing software suite whereas they may not have done that before when it US $149.

You can launch Analog Efex Pro 2 directly from Lightroom or on its own by dragging the image in its window once you launched it as a standalone.

Analog Efex Pro 2 is awesomely easy to use but is jam packed with features. The easiest ones are to use the “Classic Camera” and “Black and White” filter sets. Generally these are a good start point.

Each of the presets in Analog Efex Pro 2 has various different adjustments available on the right hand side; such as Contrast, Dirt & Scratch (texture), Lens Vignette and Film Type (that it simulates). Some will have some additional Border styles and Light leak effects that give your image a stronger and more authentic old/antique look.

Once you have selected the preset you like (from the left hand panel) on the right hand panel you can customise the look further by adjusting the various options available. Adding a frame (as shown below) creates a very classic looking image which seems to have originated 100s of years ago.

Check out some of the great results I’ve managed to get with Analog Efex Pro 2. I’ve fallen back in love with this plugin and have been applying various looks to my images. Have a look at the gallery below, I hope this inspires you to download Google Nik Collection presets and give them a go on your images.

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