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The Pelican

Looking over the Indian Ocean, I saw the sun set over in the distance from John Graham Reserve in Perth, Western Australia (WA). These old posts at the pier were this Pelican’s favourite. It insisted on being part of the picture sitting down on them and posing for minutes.

Looking through the viewfinder I decided to try some long exposures as the clouds were moving overhead and the ocean underneath. I stuck my trusty Hoya 9-stop  ND filter on the lens and setup to take 3 bracketed exposures as I was shooting into the Sun. The exposures were -2, 0 and +2. After getting the three exposures, I removed the filter and waited for the Pelican to strike an interesting pose so I can add it to the final picture.

I did some adjustment in Lightroom before taking the image into Photoshop CC to blend the three images together using Layer Masks. And then masked in the Pelican from another photo which had no ND filter.

John Graham Reserve Pier


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