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Prisma is the latest new App for your mobile device that is taking the world by storm. The App, takes you images and converts them into work of art by applying styles of different artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan and patterns. It also creates some really cool sketched conversions of your images.


I’ve been using the Prisma App for a few days and am absolutely loving using it. I have created so many images using this App and some of my favourite presets are; Heisenberg, Curly Hair, Marcus D – Lone Wolf, Dreams, Roland and Flame flower.

Favourite Presets

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The app uses online API to convert your images into the selected preset, which means it uses some of your cellular data or wifi data to upload the image and download the final converted image. Please read their privacy policy if this worries you.

Here are some of the images I’ve created using Prisma on my iPhone 6. The effects and the results that you get are fantastic. It does take a little bit of practice to figure out which preset will work best on your image but its quite fun going through the whole process.

Be sure to download this cool new app and try it for yourself.

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