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Textures are being used more and more these days by people to add a different feel or mood to their photographs. You see many mobile phone applications a very common one being Snapseed using built in textures so you can apply them to your photographs. Therefore, it’s not hard to repeat the same for photos taken on your DSLR or compact camera. You just have to do that on your computer using your favourite photo editing application.

The challenge is sometimes finding textures that are easily available and sometimes even Free for use. You can always buy various different texture packs online for a small or large fee which I was going to do also. But one day I realised walking around the city (in Sydney) that textures are all around us, walls, torn posters, sandstones, concrete and metal. We are surrounded by them, and they are free!!!

So I started my collection and now I make an effort to keep an eye out for textures in my surroundings and capture them when I find something suitable. iPhone does a great job at this also, so you don’t have to worry about if your DSLR or compact camera is not with you at the time. Just take a few photos with your iPhone.


Here are some of the textures included in this pack, feel free to download the complete set below which contains 24 textures.

Download Texture Pack 1 – 133MB


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